Transportation and Travel

Efficient transportation solutions for seamless travel, tailored to your needs.

Transportation and Travel

An NDIS participant will most likely be able to access funding through the NDIS for transportation and travel assistance if you cannot access public transport without considerable difficulty due to your disability.

NDIS can fund you to pay a Provider to transport you to an activity that isn’t a support; for example travel to and from appointments with you OT, physio or GP, or work.

At Focused Wellbeing Services, we want to assist you with your transportation needs, whether it is travelling by the public transport or in one of our support workers’ cars.

How FWBS can help you with transport?

Talk to us about the kind of travel assistance you need to meet your individual needs and goals. We can assist you with your daily living tasks and access the following services:

If there’s an event that you want to attend and are not sure if you use the assistance of a support worker to transport you to the event, do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

For more information click here or visit the NDIS website

Group And Centre Based Activities

Looking for an NDIS disability support provider that cares about your needs?

At Focused Wellbeing Services we value quality of care. Service delivery commences only once we have found the perfect support workers for your individual goals and needs.