Our Story

Discover the journey that shapes our unique and compelling story.

The Story of Focused Wellbeing Services

Empowering Wellbeing: Our Journey with NDIS Participants

Hi, I’m Antoine Tron, founder of Focused Wellbeing Services. My passion for supporting people with disabilities started in Kununurra, where I had the amazing Wendy J as a mentor.

Working as a support worker, I saw a need for better service. Workers often struggled due to lack of management support and clear communication. I knew I could create a company that truly prioritizes participants’ well-being and happiness.

That’s why Focused Wellbeing Services was born. We’re here for you 24/7, with prompt responses, consistent communication, and a commitment to continuous improvement. As the director, I’m always available to talk – to both participants and staff. We care deeply about exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional service.

See for yourself! Read our client testimonials to discover how Focused Wellbeing Services is making a difference.

Why Choose Us?

Focused Well-being Services prioritize your happiness! He goes above and beyond by regularly connecting with clients and caregivers to gather feedback. This open communication allows us to respond quickly to changing needs and answer any questions on the spot. Plus, we offer extended hours, including Saturdays, and always return out-of-hour calls within an hour. With Focused Wellbeing Services, you can be confident you’ll never be left hanging. Clear communication is at the heart of what makes us different.

Hand-picked Support Workers

Building the Perfect Support Team: Tailored Care for Lasting Impact

At Focused Wellbeing Services (FWBS), we believe in going beyond the ordinary. We don’t just assign support workers – we hand-pick them!

Antoine personally leads the selection process. He meets with you and everyone involved to understand your personality, interests, and specific needs. Then, he meticulously matches you with the perfect support worker – someone who truly complements your unique situation.

Your comfort matters most. After an initial consultation, you have the final say. We arrange a trial shift for you to get to know your potential support worker. If it’s a great fit, then you’re all set!

Our team is your champion. FWBS support workers are renowned for their compassion, commitment, and respect. They’re dedicated to your happiness and safety – our core values. And because we recognize their dedication, we offer competitive wages above award rates. Antoine fosters a supportive work environment, ensuring long-term service and consistent high-quality care for you.

Stability and predictability are key. Our vision is to create permanent, casual teams, each dedicated to improving the quality of life for a single participant. This model fosters strong bonds between team members and you, ensuring continuous support and peace of mind for everyone involved.

It’s not just support, it’s a partnership for a brighter future. Let FWBS build the perfect team for you, because you deserve the very best!


Looking for an NDIS disability support provider that cares about your needs?

Focused Wellbeing Services ensures quality care through a personalized approach. We only begin service delivery once we’ve matched you with the ideal support worker for your specific needs and goals.