Group And Centre Based Activities

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NDIS Group And Centre Based Activities

At FWBS our support is designed to assist and encourage participants to join in community, social and recreational activities with a group. The goal is to foster an inclusive and stimulating environment in which participants are free to meet new people, make new friends, participate in activities, and learn new skills, all while socialising and having fun.

Group Skills Activities also help participants develop critical skills like handling money, planning and organising activities, using computers, and resume building, all within an inclusive social environment.

A further broad (and FUN!) range of group-based activities and programs are available to participants every Thursday which includes a BBQ lunch free of charge.

Activities as following:

  • Arts and crafts (photography/drawing/mindfulness colouring)
  • Outdoor Board games
  • Ball games


Advance bookings are very important, currently due to COVID restrictions – we are limited to the number of participants we can accept and need to ensure that we have suitable support to cater to those attending.

Venue: Forest Lake Activity Hub          

Participant pickup: 10:00 am

Participant drop off: 2:00 pm

Event RSVP here

Note: These activities take place every Thursday, weather permitting. Should an event be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances – you will be contacted directly with 24hrs notice.